Plenary Sessions

The Plenary Sessions will focus on the conference theme, "More together, more apart: Migration, densification, segregation".

Main Conference Plenary Session Program

The Plenary Sessions are intended to bear up the conference theme, “More together, more apart: Migration, densification, segregation”, which refers to developing realities throughout the world and Europe, including Sweden and the host city Uppsala. With migration across international borders, and rural-urban migration within countries, growing numbers of people are concentrating in urban areas. At the same time, concerns about human environmental impacts and urban sustainability, among other forces, are energizing a push to increase residential densities in urban areas and otherwise tighten the urban fabric, all with the support of new policies, technologies and design approaches. Yet, just as more people are gathering in growing and densifying urban agglomerations, physical and social boundaries are solidifying between neighborhoods and communities, defined with regard to ethnicity and socio-economic status. The dynamics of migration, densification and segregation can be mutually reinforcing and powerful, creating intractable problems and yet also opening opportunities for governmental entities and other actors at all scales. To avoid, ameliorate or resolve problems and to create opportunities, understandings from the social sciences will be needed.

There will be four different Plenary Sessions, of which Plenary 3 and 4 involve parallel programmes.

Plenary Session 1
Setting the context: Migration, densification, and segregation in Sweden

Plenary Session 2
Gentrification, segregation, and the construction of borders: Social implications of urban growth dynamics in troubled times

Plenary Session 3
A: Too dense for democracy? Urban growth, loss of public space, and possibilities for civil exchange
B: Implications of national immigration policies for international migration flows

Plenary Session 4
A: Can’t stay or can’t go: Displacement, segregation and limited housing choice in growing cities
B: Densification - problems and possibilities, up, down and sideways