Slide Competition

Thursday, June 28, 17.00-18.30, Vasasalen, Slottet

Moderator: Iván Tosics, Managing Director, Metropolitan Research Institute, Budapest

In keeping with tradition at ENHR conferences (since 1990!), we will hold a Slide Competition focused on actual urban problems and achievements in European cities. The competition is organized for teams of at most four people. The task of each team is to answer questions by filling out a questionnaire, aided by photographic slides. Conference participants are free to form a team as they wish. As the slides and the related questions can cover the whole of Europe, it is advantageous to form a diverse team, with colleagues from very different cities. At the end of the competition, after the questionnaires are collected, the correct answers will be shown and discussed. The announcement of the winners will take place at the closing of the conference. The three top-scoring teams will receive a present and have their names published in the ENHR Newsletter. It is worth coming and participating: you cannot loose anything, but you can learn a lot while also having fun! The slide competition will be held in a room at the Castle (Slottet), just after the field trip and just before the conference dinner.

Iván Tosics has long experience in urban sociology, strategic development, housing policy and EU regional policy issues. As an "urban explorer" he is interested in urban development dynamics (suburbanization, gentrification, segregation) in cities in different parts of Europe. He also follows the differences in governance answers on these processes and the related bottom-up developments (urban commons, urban movements). Since 2011 he is one of the Thematic Pole Managers (Programme Experts) of the URBACT programme. He is also vice chair of the European Network of Housing Research (ENHR), executive committee member of the European Urban Research Association (EURA), and the Policy Editor of the journal ‘Urban Research and Practice’.