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Travel and accommodations

The historical city of Uppsala is situated 40 minutes by train north of Sweden´s capital Stockholm and approximately 20 minutes by train from Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

Trains and buses run frequently directly from the airport to Uppsala city centre. The Stockholm Arlanda Airport is located between Uppsala and Stockholm. One can find hotels in widely varying price classes in the city.


Midsummer holiday

The conference will take place during the week after the Midsummer holiday. Midsummer is a major public holiday in Sweden, with many people travelling to and within the country to meet family and friends and participate in the various cultural events. This means that air and train travel within the country will be heavy during the weekend before the conference. During Midsummer in Uppsala you may find that many restaurants and shops are closed for the holidays. 

We know that many people would appreciate celebrating Midsummer in Sweden, but if you want to do so before coming to Uppsala for the ENHR conference, please be sure to make your travel plans well in advance.

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Accessibility for people with mobility limitations is in many respects good in Uppsala; however there are hills and gravel paths to negotiate in getting around for the conference. At the point of registration, those who have concerns about accessibility can indicate this for our support staff so that special arrangements can be made as necessary. 

Please contact our Professional Congress Organizer at if you have any questions.