ENHR 2018 will be held at Uppsala University at three locations within walking distance from each other and from city center hotels. 

Conference sites


Welcome to Uppsala and Uppsala University! Uppsala is one of Sweden’s more rapidly growing cities with 215,000 residents, and it constitutes an exemplary context for studying the processes identified in the conference theme.

It is a city that is absorbing in-migration from the Swedish countryside and from abroad. It has an acute and pressing shortage of affordable housing; is seeing a sustained, ecologically and economically motivated push to concentrate population closer to the urban center; and is troubled by increasing segregation on the basis of ethnicity and socio-economic position. Uppsala and its surroundings thus offer suitable settings for field trips in line with the conference theme and of interest to housing researchers in other respects.

Stockholm is a roughly 40 minute train ride away for those who would like to sightsee there in connection with their participation in the ENHR conference. Trains to Stockholm main station leave Uppsala once an hour or more almost around the clock.